NPR: Stream Elephant 6 Orchestra Chicago Show

Elephant 6National Public Radio is streaming the Elephant 6 Orchestra’s Chicago concert (GLONO review) in almost all of its 3-hour glory. A few songs, including Jeff Mangum’s “Engine” have been “omitted at the artist’s request.” There’s also a slideshow and an interview with Music Tapes/Neutral Milk Hotel multi-instrumentalist/tour organizer, Julian Koster:

“We’ve been spending some really nice time together,” Koster said of his former Neutral Milk Hotel bandmates. “I don’t think any of us knows what’s going to happen. But we never did, and that’s probably the best indication that something really nice might happen. We’re all awfully excited to see each other, and we’re all excited to make things together. So who knows what can happen?”

Who knows?

MP3: NPR – “The Elephant 6 Orchestra (with interview)” (150 MB, from Live Concerts from All Songs Considered)

Via Optical Atlas.

Set List

“His Mister’s Pet Whistles” (Major Organ and the Adding Machine)

“Yesterday’s World” (Circulatory System)

“Love Athena” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“NYC 25” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“The Afternoon” (The Apples in Stereo)

“Minister of Longitude” (The Music Tapes) (This song was omitted at the artist’s request)

“Snorkel” (The Gerbils)

“Lead” (The Gerbils)

“Spiral Stairs” (Elf Power)

“Old Familiar Scene” (Elf Power)

“Karaoke Free” (Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t)

“I Have Been Floated” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

Filmstrip Intermission (Brian Dewan)

“Kolyada #2” (Julian Koster)

“No Growing” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“Stream Running Over” (The Apples in Stereo)

“Devils” (63 Crayons)

“Back to the Web” (Elf Power)

“The Arrow Flies” (Elf Power)

“Songs for Oceans Falling” (The Music Tapes)

“Television Tells Us” (This song was omitted at the artist’s request)

A poem reading by Thax Douglas

“Cynicism” (Nana Grizol)

“Ginsberg” (Nana Grizol)

“Two Skies” (The Gerbils)

“My Honor” (The Gerbils)

“Mister Henry” (Pipes You See, Pipes You Don’t)

“Solid Forms Dissolve” (Circulatory System)

“A Sleepy Company” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“A Sunshine Fix” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“The Fool” (Neutral Milk Hotel)

“Life Forms (Transmission Received)” (Major Organ and the Adding Machine)


“Everything You Ever Hoped or Worked For” (Nana Grizol)

“Blackbox (Constellations)” (Nana Grizol)

“Glue” (The Gerbils)

“The Opera House” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“Skyway” (The Apples in Stereo)

“Neon Globe” (The Olivia Tremor Control)

“Manifest Destiny” (The Music Tapes)

“Forever” (Circulatory System)

“Engine” (Neutral Milk Hotel) (This song was omitted at the artist’s request)

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