NYT vs. Kanye West, blogger

The New York Times has discovered that Kanye West is a blogger:

A gangster with a Mac-10 clearly beats a blogger with a MacBook — but only man to man, and only in the neighborhood. What if the goal is world domination? It’s been an innovation and a risk for West to embrace dandified clothes, Japanese cartoons, a circus palette and geek culture. But with the global Asian fusion of Kanye UniverseCity — along with the staggering eclecticism of his music — West has acquired a tremendous following and fortune. He has also all but abandoned the mean-streets regionalism that used to confine hip-hop, when artists boasted chiefly about their loyalty to Brooklyn, Detroit, Atlanta or Compton.

Apparently, Ye is the “hip and male answer to Oprah Winfrey.” Good for him. If you haven’t already, check out Kanye’s blog.

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