Paul Westerberg – 5:05

Were you curious why the Paul Westerberg album 49:00 was only 43 minutes, 55 seconds long? Wonder whatever happened to the other five minutes and five seconds? Well, TuneCore has it for you: Paul Westerberg – 5:05. Oddly, the new track costs twice as much for 1/8 as much music…

Aquarium Drunkard explicates it.

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One thought on “Paul Westerberg – 5:05”

  1. I’m glad I grabbed 49:00 right away when you told us about it Jake.

    I like the theory one commenter had on Aquarium Drunkard: The reason it was so cheap to begin with was they knew there would be copyright issues, and by not making a profit they couldn’t be sued for the money they didn’t make.

    All in all though, well worth the $1.48 I spend…

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