Pete Doherty Back in Jail

Pete Doherty is going back to the slammer. Judge Davinder Lachar handed him a 14 week sentence at a court hearing in west London for violating his parole and using drugs. Doherty had been given a suspended sentence last October for possession of illegal drugs and driving illegally. It appears he was unable to meet the terms of that suspension and is now going back to the joint.

This means Pete will have to postpone his solo Royal Albert Hall appearance this month, which would have been his biggest solo show to date. The sentence could also conflict with a scheduled appearance by Babyshambles at the Glastonbury Festival, but according to the BBC, under current rules, Doherty is likely to serve around a month of his time.

Speaking to BBC 6 Music, Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek said: “As far as I see it I hope we can really look positively on this and when he comes out he can learn from the mistakes he’s made and we can persevere with the path that Babyshambles was treading before.”

I don’t know how much Pete learns from his mistakes. He’s been in and out of rehab and court for years now, the most serious case being when in 2003 he busted into former Libertines bandmate Carl Barat’s flat and stole a bunch of his shit. Pete was sentenced to six months in the pokey for that, but it was reduced to two months on appeal.

Let the onslaught of puritanical haters begin!

Coincidentally, Babyshambles has a new video online today.

Video: Babyshambles – I’ll Kill Him

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