Port Wine Lads – Live in Kalamazoo, 1991

I went to college with most of the Port Wine Lads. In fact, I sold them my barely used bass guitar after I gave up on it. Twenty seconds into this, you see the 19-year-old me pointing and declaring, “Yeah, that’s my bass.” Later, I dance like a hippy.

But enough about me. The Port Wine Lads had some good songs (and a few silly ones).

Video: Port Wine Lads – “Tragedy” (Live at Kalamazoo College’s Quadstock, 1991)

Two more songs (plus even more great early 90s college fashion and dancing!) after the jump…

Port Wine Lads live at Kalamazoo College’s Quadstock, 1991

Video: Port Wine Lads – “Ronald”

Video: Port Wine Lads – “Funk Bone”

2 thoughts on “Port Wine Lads – Live in Kalamazoo, 1991”

  1. i dont know what to say….wait…yes i do…..uhm….k college green bud trustafarian crap necks….dont forget to buy your vw when you turn 21….and strategically place your steal your face emblem….these guys are the leppotone step children…..which is saying a lot….

  2. Nice pointing, Jake! Was that Mike Durbin’s golden wondermullet next to you?

    I’m pretty sure at least one of those dancing fools is me.

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