Prince Wants Tribute Album Destroyed

His Purple Badness is at it again. Prince is suing to have all copies of a Norwegian tribute album destroyed. According to Wired, the album, Shockadelica, had reached No. 8 on Norway’s album charts and received several popular reviews by the Norwegian press.

The trouble seems to stem from the label who put it out not understanding copyright and compulsory licensing law and Prince’s notoriously reactionary approach to protecting his claims in these matters. Apparently, Norway’s C+C Records distributed 5,000 of the box sets starting earlier this month, plus digital versions, and claim that no one made any money from the project. Since nobody made any money, they didn’t think Prince had to get paid.

The funny thing is they probably could have flown under Prince’s radar had they not contacted his reps to try and get him a copy of the tribute album. That’s when the purple fury rose up and now these dudes are facing some bad shit.

You can stream the tribute in its entirety (as of today) on the C+C site and also hear a medley of the songs on their MySpace page.

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