Psychotic Killer Goes Free

The former trade-show model charged with first-degree murder and convicted of reckless homicide for killing three Chicago musicians was released from prison yesterday after serving only 38 months of her 8-year sentence.

She was sentenced to 8 years in prison for the July 14, 2005, killings of Michael Dahlquist, 39, Douglas Meis, 29, and John Glick, 35, all from Chicago.

The men died when Sliwinski crashed her Mustang into their car at a stoplight in Skokie after accelerating to nearly 90 m.p.h., witnesses testified at her trial.

With credit for time served in Cook County Jail, good behavior at Dwight and participation in a prison mental-health program, Sliwinski successfully completed her sentence Thursday, officials said.

That is fucked up. More info.

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MP3: Silkworm – “Bar Ice” from Chokes!, the final studio recordings from Silkworm, recorded during 2005 with Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago.

One thought on “Psychotic Killer Goes Free”

  1. If she were anything but a relatively attractive (in a bowling alley bathroom kind of way) blonde girl, she probably would have been handed a harsher sentence to begin with, and she probably would have served a much greater proportion of that sentence.

    Kill three people and spend a few months at the funny farm – now that is fucked up.

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