Radiohead vs. Detroit

Radiohead has not played a show in Detroit since 1997. Why not? Apparently, the band can’t stand any of the area’s venues. Radiohead in the D? No signs yet:

From that 2001 tour onward, Radiohead has sought a particular sort of concert setting: outdoors, out-of-the-way, pastoral. Browse the band’s itineraries and you’ll find a host of venues fitting that bill — places such as the rustic Gorge Amphitheater in Washington state and the riverside Parc Jean Drapeau in Montreal.

But DTE Energy Music Theatre, this market’s top outdoor venue and the one that would best fit the band’s criteria, is a no-go for a very specific reason: It has too many corporate-sponsor signs for Radiohead’s taste.

Too bad the city has left historic Belle Isle to rot into a dumping ground for garbage and corpses

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  1. great…actually this has been kind of a trend amongst bands generally of late. Something like 8-10 bands touring this spring/summer that I would have liked to see are skipping Detroit completely…and these are bands that I would have expected to fit into one of our 3 ~1000-person capacity places, not giant acts like Radiohead.

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