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POLJUNKJust a quick reminder that in these heady days of an extremely important presidential campaign, we’ve got a place for you to keep up to date on all the craziness. POLJUNK, the national affairs desk of Glorious Noise, has been around since 2006, and as you might expect, things have been very active over there recently…

Here are the latest headlines:

McCain Singled Out Wasilla as Pork Heavy, September 10, 2008.

I Feel Better Already, September 10, 2008.

Palin Watch: 27 and Counting, September 10, 2008.

McCain Ad: Education, September 9, 2008.

What Would YOU Ask Sarah Palin? September 9, 2008.

Bush’s Shell Game, September 9, 2008.

Obama Ad: They’re Liars, September 8, 2008.

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AP Busts McCain, Palin on Pork Criticisms, September 8, 2008.

Norm Coleman: The Running Man, September 8, 2008.

Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere, September 8, 2008.

Sarah Palin’s Executive Experience “Not Rocket Science”, September 7, 2008.

McCain / Palin Campaign to the Media: Drop Dead, September 5, 2008.

Republican Double Standards, September 5, 2008.

And I Thought Preggo was a Spaghetti Sauce, September 5, 2008.

Fineman on Community Organizer Snipes, September 5, 2008.

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