The Replacements: Live Video from 1981

An amazing document of classic American punk rock. It’s a multi-camera video of an entire 1981 Replacements show. YouTuber THX1968 explains: “Recorded live at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis, Minnesota, September 5th, 1981. The album Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out The Trash had been released on August 25th, 1981.”

I think it’s also relevant to point out that bassist Tommy Stinson would be celebrating his 15th birthday a few weeks later on October 6. I know this is a crass cliche, but I actually have underwear that is older than Tommy was in this footage…

Update: These videos have been available on TwinTone’s site for a while. We actually linked to them back in 2005!

The Replacements – “Takin’ A Ride” and “Staples In Her Stomach” (1 of 16)

Parts 2 through 16 after the jump…

The Replacements – “Careless” (2 of 16)

The Replacements – “Goddamn Job” and “Junior’s Got A Gun” (3 of 16)

The Replacements – “Something To Du” (4 of 16)

The Replacements – “Kids Don’t Follow” (5 of 16)

The Replacements – “D.E.A.D.”, “Love You Till Friday”, “Raised In The City” and “Shutup” (6 of 16)

The Replacements – “Johnny’s Gonna Die” (7 of 16)

The Replacements – “Kick Your Door Down” )8 of 16)

The Replacements – “Dope Smokin’ Moron” and “Skip It” (9 of 16)

The Replacements – “Maybelline” (Chuck Berry cover, 10 of 16)

The Replacements – “I Hate Music” and “Stuck In The Middle” (11 of 16)

The Replacements – “Otto” (12 of 16)

The Replacements – “I’m In Trouble” and “Don’t Ask Why” (13 of 16)

The Replacements – “Customer” and “Rattlesnake” (14 of 16)

The Replacements – “Slow Down” (Larry Williams cover via the Beatles, 15 of 16)

The Replacements – “Hey Good Lookin'” (Hank Williams cover, 16 of 16)

The first round of remastered, expanded Replacements reissues are coming this April.

Big thanks to THX1968 for uploading this, and to the Velvet Rope for pointing to it (as well as this “Brats in Babylon” by Ralph Heibutzki from Goldmine).

6 thoughts on “The Replacements: Live Video from 1981”

  1. Is this available as one single video file anywhere? Or on DVD?

    Christ, I love how un-rockstar they look. Especially Bob – he looks like he’s between shifts at Subway.

    Talk about ‘our band could be your life’…

  2. This is not available on DVD via any official release. I would have to imagine that some Mats fan has pressed them up. I have a VHS copy of it that I got through trading many years ago. With the Twin/Tone reissues coming out, it would be a great time for the label to finally put this out. There is also great video of Husker Du that was shot at the Entry when they filmed these shows.

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