Rhymefest vs. Michael Jackson

Man In The MirrorGreg Kot (of all people!) tipped us to a legally dubious project by South Side Chicago rapper Rhymefest and producer Mark Ronson:

The release is musical contraband; it flouts copyright law and freely dips into the Jackson back catalog for source material, including a trove of audio interviews. It rearranges this material into a fascinating virtual collaboration between two artists of different generations who have never met. Gimmicky as it sounds, sparks fly. Jackson hasn’t had such a provocative and inspired collaborator since he was working with producer Quincy Jones — back when “Thriller” reigned.


Rhymefest – “No Sunshine” [prod. by Emile]

Rhymefest – “Man In The Mirror” (ft Michael Jackson)

Rhymefest explains his inspiration for the project on his MySpace blog:

I have been listening [recently] to some of the remixes of MJ’s 25th anniversary of THRILLER, and my analysis is that they’re… aight… but personally, as a fan, I expected a bit more. I put my heart into this shit and took a risk to bring you an edgy, creative, refreshing perspective of Michael Jackson in rare form.

He is the muthafucking King of Pop, man! He is the father of any artist you perceive to be a pop star, running around the music industry today. Mike has a chance [with his new project] to show his children how it should be done.

I feel as though [right now] everybody is playing it safe. You know: the regular cast of characters. I would love to speak to Michael Jackson as a fan to say “One album. One producer. Two, at most.

Anything else runs the risk of sounding like a mixtape. Remember: I’m only speaking as a fan.

I mean, damn: how hot would it be to hear Michael Jackson over a Just Blaze track or a Dap Kings instrumental? Hell, even The Roots? With Timbaland at the helm as the executive producer? That’s the edginess I’m talking about. I know this may never happen, but a rapper can dream, can’t he?

I don’t, however, believe that my desire to meet with the king should be restricted to just a dream. And for this, I need your help.

I would like to meet Michael Jackson. And hopefully, all of you will make enough noise about this dedication album to reach his ears high on the throne.

Let’s hope Rhymefest can make it happen! Check it: Mixtapes : Rhymefest Store.

To download the Michael Jackson Dedication Album entitled MAN IN THE MIRROR, click HERE.

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