Ringo Tells Regis to Cram It

I love Ringo. I mean, he’s the most underrated member of the most revered band in rock and roll history and he’s not taking any shit from nobody. According to the AP, the 67 year old (!!!) Ringo walked off the Regis and Kelly show this morning instead of cutting short his performance. Both sides dispute the details but it looks like the show producers told Ringo he had about three minutes of air time for a five minute song. He apparently cut the song down to 3:30 and just couldn’t drop those last 30 seconds. When the producers wouldn’t budge on his time slot, Ringo gave them the finger (or more likely, his famous two-finger salute) and walked off.

Sock it to ’em, Ringo!

3 thoughts on “Ringo Tells Regis to Cram It”

  1. Now let me get this straight:

    Ringo signs on to the Regis and Kelly show. Right there that says something. Then because he doesn’t get a sufficient amount of time–which means coverage for the man who probably needs it more than Paul, who was seemingly a visual and audible creature of Starbucks for months on end–decides that no time is better than a bit of time.

    Wouldn’t it have been more ballsy if he just kept playing and (a) they would have had to cut to a commercial or (b) Regis would have had to talk about his last prostate exam or something over the song?

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