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Update: TOO LATE!

The Rolling Stones, MP3 Music Download at eMusic

This might appear to be some kind of an “advertorial” but come on, it’s newsworthy! It’s practically a public service announcement… I’m not sure how they managed this, because Allen B. Klein is a notoriously power-hungry greedhead, but somehow eMusic is offering the entire The Rolling Stones ABKCO catalog. That’s everything from 1963 to 1970.

If you’re not familiar with eMusic, they sell high-quality, DRM-free, variable-bit-rate MP3 files. You have to sign up for a plan, the cheapest of which costs $9.99 per month and allows you to download 30 songs per month. You get an additional 25 free songs when you first sign up. There are no album discounts, so every song counts toward your limit, even those four-second snippets on the Olivia Tremor Control albums.

Back to the topic at hand, for $9.99 you can own 55 Rolling Stones songs. That is a good deal. These are MP3s, which means they don’t “expire” if you cancel your subscription, you can play them on all your devices, and you can make as many backup copies as you need.

That’s all the singles from 1963’s “Come On” through 1971’s “Wild Horses.” All the albums, including compilations, through Let It Bleed. They even have both the British and American versions of the early albums. Now is the time to fill in the holes in your Stones collection.

Full disclosure: Glorious Noise gets paid if you sign up for a new eMusic account via our links.

2 thoughts on “Download the Rolling Stones: DRM Free”

  1. I’ve been a subscriber to eMusic for a couple of years now and couldn’t be happier with it…

    Beyond the Stones coup, there are a lot of great artists & labels on the site, too…you can fully browse the site to see who’s on there before signing up, and if you see a lot of music that you might want, the cost per track gets better with the larger plan you sign up for…so while 30 tracks is $9.99/month (~33 cents per track), 75 tracks is $19.99/month (~27 cents per track). I’m on the 75 tracks per month plan, and I’ve still got a list of around 200 albums I’d like to get from the site…the volume of quality music available is quite oustanding.

  2. “Due to events outside of our control, we no longer carry the Rolling Stones catalogue on eMusic. We are sorry to see it go, but hope to get them back in the future.” Ugh, I just got my monthly reload and was excited to stock up.

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