Rose Tells Bach to Mind His Own Fucking Business

As we (and everyone else) reported, nine tracks from the forever pending Chinese Democracy leaked last week. Well, Rolling Stone went to Axl Rose buddy Sebastian Bach for reaction and got an earful.

First, Bach probably doesn’t even talk to Axl about this dopey album since the last time he mentioned it the Gun N’ Roses mainman launched into a condescending tirade:

When we were first hanging out in 2006, we were just standing around a bunch of people. I go, ‘Axl, do you think you might get the record out? It would be a great time, now that we’re on tour and everything.’ He goes, ‘Oh. Great! Everybody! Sebastian has a great idea here, man. Guess what? Sebastian, should I put out a record? Maybe it would be a good idea for me to put out a fucking record! Hey everybody, listen to this! I never thought of that! That never came to me! Oh, great idea dude.’ I felt like Fred Flintstone in Mr. Slate’s office.

Second, don’t expect the much rumored Axl Rose reality show to see the light of day. When Bach, who’d recently wrapped taping his own reality show, mentioned the idea to his buddy Axl went cold and replied, “Sebastian, you don’t understand, I will pay VH1 $2 million to leave me the fuck alone!”

So, I guess Dr. Pepper can consider themselves well fucked off as well.

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