Rumble in Mexico City

There’s a strange spate of attacks against Emo kids across Mexico. The skinny-legged sad sacks seem to be getting their asses kicked from coast to coast and some of them are now fighting back, leading to emo v. punks v. rock-a-billies v. cops riots across the country. What is going on down there???

Video: Emo Violence in Mexico (Spanish langauge news report)

9 thoughts on “Rumble in Mexico City”

  1. Have you condidered that these attacks might be the vicious handywork of the Chupacabra? As a cryptozoologist I’ve witnessed the mainstream media’s attempt to blame humans for these types of attacks when in fact they were perpetrated by a creature not yet verified by the scientific establishment.

  2. I can’t think of anything that makes me want to hit someone more than that stupid lame ass EMO uniform.

    I wish I could take all those little EMO fuckers back in time to 1986 and plop them right in the middle of punk show at the Ice Pick in muskeegon, Michigan.

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