The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

Scotland Yard Gospel ChoirOn Scotland Yard Gospel Choir’s self-titled sophomore album (their first for Bloodshot Records), the band’s pop sensibilities jump into hyper-drive with casual nods to everything from the Libertines (“Aspidistra”) to Kimya Dawson (a bunch of songs) and they end up with a cute album that reminds me of college bands who were more almost than famous. There’s an almost deliberate sense of unfinished work here and that’s too bad because the work that was started deserves to be finished.

SYGC singer/songwriter Elia Einhorn tackles our Ten Questions We Ask Everyone and sucks up to Morrissey and Britney Spears in the same breath.

#1 What’s the last CD/Download you bought with your own money? Was it worth the dough?

The last cd I bought was the new Magnetic Fields record, Distortion. I haven’t given it a full listen yet, but I’ll tell you this: the shittiest MFs song is better than the best single most bands have ever released. Pop music these days is mostly bland, generic pap. Pap music.

#2 Best/Worst part about being a professional musician?

The worst part is always wondering “Where’s the money coming from? Where’s the fucking money coming from?!” The best part is you meet amazing people all the time! In 2007, I spent a week with Bright Eyes in New York as they did their amazing Town Hall residency, my band hung out with American Splendor’s Harvey Pekar at his Cleveland home, and we played with Tommy Ramone. Holy shit!

#3 Worst “real job” you’ve ever had?

Tele-surveyer. It’s the only job I ever just stopped showing up to. You had to sign out to go use the bathroom! And you couldn’t even snack on the job. We would sign out, then hit the vending machine and scarf Snickers bars in the bathroom.

#4 Who is the worst band member to sit next to on the van/bus?

Our trumpet player Sam, as he’s the self-acknowledged band curmudgeon. If we were Snow White and The Seven Choristers, Sam would be Grumpy, Mary would be Dykey, Ethan would be Horny, I’d be Faggy, Jay would be Spicy, and Mark would be Techy.

#5 Most embarrassing music purchase?

I honestly, un-ironically adore Britney Spears’ music. I bought her greatest hits when it came out, and the record clerk asked if I wanted it in a brown paper bag…

#6 Build the perfect musician:


Songwriting of: MORRISSEY

Musicianship of: JOHNNY MARR

Personality/Image of: MORRISSEY

Just bein’ honest…

#7 Biggest twat in the music biz?

Journalists who try to start beefs…. Oh, did I say that out loud? [Right. Wouldn’t want to end up like Pac and Biggie. Thuggin’ 4 Life. —ed.]

#8 When I hear ____________ I want to stick a hanger in my ear.


#9 The greatest Founding Father is…


#10 I love Glorious Noise because…

Wanna hear a British joke? What are you when you have custard in one ear and fruit salad in the other? A trifle deaf! Hahahahahahahha.


The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – “Aspidistra”

The Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – “I Never Thought I Could Feel This Way For A Boy”


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  1. Am I going to like this band if I don’t like the Smiths? Morrisey’s voice annoys- I do like Marr’s guitar playing….

  2. I don’t know but you are definitely not going to like this band if you don’t like Belle and Sebastian.

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