Steve Dahl vs. CBS Radio

Disco sucks.Over on his blog, WTFF=What the !#@% factor, GLONO friend and contributor DJ Murphy eulogizes Chicago disc-jockey Steve Dahl, who was just fired by CBS Radio.

I really enjoyed his show; I had been a big fan since discovering that he had Buzz Killman and Wendy Snyder as his co-hosts. Both Buzz and Wendy were seasoned Chicago jocks who I’d enjoyed, and their presence coaxed me into listening to Steve. Before that, I honestly thought that the Steve and Garry show was kind of flat, and definitely more mean-spirited at times than I usually liked. But with Buzz and Wendy, Steve’s humor was less cruel; it was a bunch of old friends who’d worked together for years at The Loop (WLUP-FM) now in a new venue. I really liked the easy humor, the fact that they all knew Chicago well, and that in a lot of ways, I could see them as just regular folk like myself. I became a fan.

Dahl, of course, is most famous for his 1979 Disco Demolition event at Comiskey Park. Good times.

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