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My main concern with this album was that it would be closer to Richard Ashcroft’s solo material, which has been steadily leaning more and more puss rock, than to the guitar heavy majesty of the band’s back catalog. First listen seems to show a bit of both. There’s plenty of orchestration and smooth production, with flourishes of guitar swells. It’s a split decision, but leaning toward puss rock.

Album details, including tracklisting, after the jump…

The Verve‘s long-awaited studio album Forth will be released on the band’s imprint On Your Own Records via Megaforce/RED in the USA on August 26 and internationally via EMI on August 25. It was produced by the band at State Of The Ark and Metropolis Studios in London.

Track Listing:

1. Sit & Wonder

2. Love Is Noise

3. Rather Be

4. Judas5. Numbness

6. I See Houses

7. Noise Epic

8. Valium Skies

9. Columbo

10. Appalachian Springs

From their press release:

Considered one of the most influential, innovative and spellbinding bands from Britain, The Verve recently performed at 2008’s Coachella, sold-out two nights at The Theatre @ Madison Square Garden and headlined Glastonbury and V Festival 2008. The Verve consist of Richard Ashcroft, Nick McCabe, Simon Jones and Pete Salisbury. The following stations are also giving The Verve away starting today, Tuesday August 19. The winners will get the new album by The Verve prior to street date. The long-awaited new album “Forth” hits stores August 26.

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  1. My scorecard shows a unanimous decision for pussy rock, but even most of Urban Hymns was trash for me, so I’m a bit biased.

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