The Best Legal MP3s of 2007

20 Best Legal MP3s of 2007What the world needs now is another year-end list. Well, at least this is something you can listen to. These are twenty songs available as MP3s that we linked to in 2007. They’re all still available (as of today), so download them now and make yourself a mix as a way to remember what you were listening to last year.

Last year’s list is still up, as are most of the MP3s. Sadly, the files hosted by the now defunct AmpCamp (R.I.P.) are no longer available.

The Stooges – “My Idea of Fun” – Posted Jan. 31 (buy)

Bright Eyes – “Four Winds” – Posted Feb. 22 (buy)

Wilco – “What Light” – Posted Mar. 8 (buy)

Dntel – “Dumb Luck” – Posted Mar. 22 (buy)

Jill Cunniff – “Lazy Girls” – Posted Apr. 2 (buy)

Two Cow Garage – “Should’ve California” – Posted Apr. 27 (buy)

Nick Drake – “They’re Leaving Me Behind” – Posted May 4 (buy)

Mavis Staples – “On My Way” – Posted May 8 (buy)

Wayne Hancock – “Shootin’ Star From Texas” – Posted June 7 (buy)

Spoon – “The Underdog” – Posted June 28 (buy)

Elliott Smith – “Angel in the Snow” – Posted Aug. 7 (buy)

Stephen Stills – “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes” (demo) – Posted Aug. 9 (buy)

The Go – “Invisible Friends” – Posted Aug. 20 (buy)

The Flying Burrito Brothers – “Long Black Limousine” (live) – Posted Aug. 23 (buy)

Neil Young – “Ordinary People” – Posted Sept. 22 (buy)

Caribou – “Melody Day” – Posted Oct. 9 (buy)

Babyshambles – “Delivery” – Posted Oct. 19 (buy)

Thurston Moore – “Fri/End” – Posted Nov. 6 (buy)

The Hard Lessons – “See And Be Scene” – Posted Nov. 29

Stephen Malkmus – “Baltimore” – Posted Dec. 14 (buy)

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Image via the Cassette Generator.

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