The Hermit: Ten Questions We Ask Everyone

The Hermit - Canadian rustic electropopFounded in 2000 by Vancouver drummer, musician and producer Hamish Thomson, The Hermit began life as a solo electronic project but–over the course of seven years and three albums–morphed into an award-winning, 5-piece indie/pop/electronica band.

On The Hermit’s recently finished third long-player, Turn Up (The Stereo), Thomson reunited with singer Allison Shevernoha and co-wrote eight of the new album’s ten tracks with her. In a departure from his electronic roots, Thomson says he sought to capture the energy of the band’s live performances where many of the new songs had their beginnings, and several of the tracks were recorded “live off the floor.”

GLONO suckered Thomson into answering Ten Questions and found out that a love of garlic and touring do not mix.

#1 What’s the last CD/Download you bought with your own money? Was it worth the dough?

The last cd I actually bought was Imogen Heap’s Speak for Yourself. It was worth every penny because it is an amazing record.

#2 Best/Worst part about being a professional musician?

The best part about being a professional musician? Hmmm…there are so many reasons but one thing really hit me last night at our band practice. I am very lucky to play in a band full of fantastic players and great people. When we get together to rehearse for a show we all show up with our shit together ready to go. After years of dealing with various flakey musicians and countless jams where we are wondering where the hell the guitar player is or will the bass rig work today or will the jam space be unlocked or will the P.A. work? Now I can forget about that shit and enjoy where we are at.

#3 Worst “real job” you’ve ever had?

I worked in a Pulp and Paper mill for one summer as a student hire when I was in music school. It sucked. It sucked bad!

#4 Who is the worst band member to sit next to on the van/bus?

Sorry Duane but it is you. You and all that fucking garlic.

#5 Most embarrassing music purchase?

I once purchased a “Fire House” record rather than “fIREHOSE”; a very bad mistake. I took it back and begged the guy at the record store to give me the fIREHOSE record instead! He did.

#6 Build the perfect musician:

Voice of: Astrud Gilberto

Songwriting of: Bob Marley

Musicianship of: Buddy Rich

Personality/Image of: Johnny Cash

#7 Biggest twat in the music biz?

Axl Rose.

#8 When I hear ____________ I want to stick a hanger in my ear.

New school Reggae.

#9 The greatest Founding Father is…

I’m from Canada so I will have to go with Sir John A. MacDonald (Canada’s first prime minister), because he was the first person to get this country organized AND he was a Scot!.

#10 I love Glorious Noise because…

You are an amazing resource for all of us wanting to learn more about the world of music.

MP3: The Hermit – “It Was A Better Time”

Video: The Hermit – “Sir Real”

MySpace: The Hermit

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