The Killers are "Clarence Clemons on Ecstasy and Viagra"

There’s no question that negative reviews are far more fun to read than their postiive counterparts. Jim DeRogatis clearly agrees, since he edited a collection of disparaging essays about the canonized classic rock albums, Kill Your Idols. And now, DeRo rips it to the Killers in a review in their hometown newspaper:

Alas, working with Stuart Price, the Brit producer best known for Madonna‘s 2005 product Confessions on a Dance Floor, they adorn the simplest ranch house of a melody with the silliest Bellagio excesses, inexplicably littering on steel drums, congas and timbales (“I Can’t Stay” and “Joy Ride,” which would embarrass the Barry Manilow of “Copacabana”), mock South African choirs paired with martial drums (“This Is Your Life”), a ham-handed evocation of Bono fronting a community orchestra (“A Dustland Fairytale”) and everywhere, absolutely everywhere, some of the worst saxophone ever heard in rock ‘n’ roll.

Tell us how you really feel, Jim…

Video: The Killers – “Human”

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