The Krinkles – Still in Love

Our pals in the Krinkles have recorded a brand new song and have generously allowed Glorious Noise to share it with you!

MP3: The Krinkles – “Still in Love”

And as if that’s not enough great news, they’re getting the band back together for a reunion show! Stay tuned to Glorious Noise for an exclusive interview with all four members of the Krinkles. Until then, save the date for April 19, Chicago. Be there!


One Last Time: The Krinkles To Reunite After 8 Years Of Silence

For Immediate Release: Chicago, IL – It’s been over 8 years that Chicago power-pop institution, The Krinkles, played their infamous last show at Rory’s Music Cafe in Chicago. It was not to be their last show by design, but rather by the events that happened during the night. What sparked an onstage shouting-match & swift break-up is just hearsay. Was it because of a girl? Was it because of the new direction the band was heading into while recording their unreleased 3rd album? Was it the constant touring, rehearsing, writing & self-promoting that led to band burn out and burn up on stage? To this day, nobody’s quite sure. But all original members – Dan “The Fox”, Henry K, Jer & Matty are now determined to end what they started in 1994 by coming together for one last time on Saturday, April 19th @ The Spot, located at 4437 N. Broadway in Chicago. This rare reunion show will be a part of the 2008 International Pop Overthrow Festival.

With two albums to their credit: Three Ringos (1996) & Revenge of the Krinkles (1998), 2007 saw the release of “the lost” Krinkles album, aptly titled “3 – The Mordorlorff Collection“. Now seeing the light of day (7 years after its original recording), the album has achieved unanimous critical acclaim & strong record sales. Finally, music critics, the “pop community” & fans around the world gave The Krinkles their richly deserved respect & admiration.

Although two members still haven’t spoke (to this day), they’ve all agreed to meet in Chicago (Henry now resides in North Carolina, Jer in Colorado, & Dan “The Fox” & Matty still in Chicago) and play as The Krinkles for one last time. They feel their lifelong friendship & incredible music they created is far too important not to end things the right way, on a positive note, as they intend to “bury the hatchet” & move on with their individual lives.


MySpace: The Krinkles

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4 thoughts on “The Krinkles – Still in Love”

  1. Were also playing a “super secret” warm-up show @ Phyllis Musical Inn (1800 W. Division) on Friday, April 18th w/The Repulsators.

    Thanks, Matty c/o The Krinkles

  2. I am a morbidly obese man of some 32 years. Folks have always made quite a bit of sport of me. But not The Krinkles. They’re nice fellers.

  3. Ah, Wesley Willis would have been proud of you, Wimpie. He was a substantially sized hombre, too. Whenever a Chicago band/musician was cool to him, he’d immortalize them in a song. “You are a cool person. You are my friend to the end. You whip a llama’s ass, and you take no prisoners. Dale Meiners, Dale Meiners, Dale Meiners, Dale Meiners.”

    It worked the other way too, you know…

  4. it’s good to see the boys back together. and it’s definitely an added bonus to hear a new song. for me, they have the same appeal for me as the replacements, in that the albums are a nice thing to have, but the live shows far exceeded expectations derived from listening to recorded material. they’ve always had a swagger with an underlying tension that lent a certain crunch to the songs that has never been caught in the studio. definitely worth it to see them live. i’m glad i’ll have another chance to do so.

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