Travis – J. Smith

MP3: Travis – “J. Smith” from Ode to J. Smith, due November 4 on Red Telephone Box.

Gosh, remember Travis? Five years ago, Johnny Loftus kicked off his piece covering the band’s Detroit stop with the quote: “Travis is so 2002.” That was the tour promoting 12 Memories, an album that Amazon currently boasts 82 new & used copies, “from $0.01.” Sad.

Which is why it’s pleasantly surprising to hear this new track. It sounds a lot tougher than the irresistibly catchy puss-pop of “Why Does It Always Rain on Me” and “Turn.” Weezer could learn a few lessons from this song. Give it a spin. At least for old times sake…

Previously: Travis at the State Theatre (2003); Travis: We Are Your (Nice) Overlords (2001).

Travis: Web, MySpace, Wiki.

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