US to Winehouse: No! No! No!

Amy Winehouse was denied a visa and will have to appear at this Sunday’s Grammy Awards via satellite. He album Back to Black is up for six awards. The U.S. Embassy in London and the State Department in Washington declined to comment on the matter but you can bet it has something to do with Winehouse recently being videotaped huffing what some have said is a crack pipe or the fact that her old man is in the joint for witness tampering.

Winehouse is the latest in a line of British musicians denied visas due to various drug and other minor offenses. Lilly Allen was denied in September and Pete Doherty has been laughed out the US embassy in London. The fact that Keith Richards can tour the US without hassle is further proof that he has sold his soul to the Devil.

2 thoughts on “US to Winehouse: No! No! No!”

  1. Don’t forget that Keith has Good ol’ Huckabee in his corner. Pete just needs to wait until one of his American fans becomes a southern govenor and then we might see a Babyshambles show statestide. Now the chances of him living that long…

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