Wear Your Idols

Some say Kill Your Idols but we all know that’s silly. We want to BE our idols, that’s the whole fucking point.

Well, now you can at least dress like your idols. Worn Free has some sweet reproductions of famous vintage tees seen on stars from over the years. No, these are not dopey vintage concert tee remakes, these are shirts that have graced famous photos of your favorite rock stars.

  • There’s Lester Bangs’ “Freedom or Death” topper.
  • John Lennon’s “You Are Here” black number.
  • Chris Hillman’s “Flying Burrito Bros.” concert tee.
  • Or Kurt Cobain’s Daniel Johnston homage “Hi, How Are You
  • Not sure how some of these icons would feel about the monetization of their dirty clothes hamper (especially at $50 a pop!) but the site says “All of the t-shirts and images that we use are fully licensed from the estates and individuals concerned. We have clearance to use all the photo imagery that we use on our site.” Plus, I think they’re kinda cool.

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