1969 Interview With The Doors

In a 10 minute long interview for the Village Voice, Jim Morrison waxes on the future of electronics while chomping a stogie. The rest of The Doors get their two cents in (but no more) and occasionally look bored or bemused by Jim’s talk. There’s also earlier footage of Morrison at what appears to be a concert for The Who where fans besiege him and reach to touch his hair. It wraps with a friendly talk with a priest. The earlier clips make you realize why pictures of him still gets girls wound up.

1969 Interview With The Doors

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One thought on “1969 Interview With The Doors”

  1. Some random thoughts:

    1. I realize now that I really hate Ray Manzarek. That guy is a fucking dufus and had no business becoming a rock star, let alone inheriting the legacy of The Doors.

    2. In the clip of Jim at the Who show, he looks like a college football player.

    3. Did Morrison predict hip hop in this interview? Electronics and tapes sounds like drum machines and sampling.

    4. When do I get over the shame of spending my entire freshman year of college obsessed with Jim/The Doors?

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