Album Streams: Depeche Mode, Jane's, Sinead, more

Tune in!NPR is streaming St. Vincent’s Actor for two weeks (MP3).

Over on Spinner, it looks like it’s the “I Love the 80s edition” of their album streams with new releases from Depeche Mode and Pet Shop Boys, a box set from Jane’s Addiction, and reissues from Sinead O’Connor and XTC-offshoot Dukes of Stratosphear.

Depeche Mode, ‘Sounds of the Universe’ (video)

Jane’s Addiction, ‘A Cabinet of Curiosity’

Sinead O’Connor, ‘I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got’

Pet Shop Boys, ‘Yes’ (video)

The Dukes of Stratosphear, ’25 O’Clock’ (MP3)

The Dukes of Stratosphear, ‘Psonic Psunspots’ (MP3)

Lots more, including bands that formed less than 30 years ago, after the jump…

Tinted Windows, ‘Tinted Windows’ (MP3)

The Horrors, ‘Primary Colors’ (MP3)

Camera Obscura, ‘My Maudlin Career’ (MP3)

Booker T, ‘Potato Hole’ (MP3 link)

King Khan and the Shrines, ‘What Is?!’ (MP3)

Manchester Orchestra, ‘Mean Everything to Nothing’ (MP3)

Cage the Elephant, ‘Cage the Elephant’

Cycle of Pain, ‘Cycle of Pain’

Empire of the Sun, ‘Walking on a Dream’

Floating Action, ‘Floating Action’

The High Strung, ‘Ode to the Inverse of the Dude’

Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, ‘How Big Can You Get?’

’17 Again’ Soundtrack

And NPR is still streaming Camera Obscura’s My Maudlin Career (MP3).

One thought on “Album Streams: Depeche Mode, Jane's, Sinead, more”

  1. Hmmmm….

    Another confounding DM album. After only one listen I’m digging the retro electronic sound, which seems to alude to the era when the band originally formed. But I’m not loving any of the tracks yet.

    What made DM great in their heyday was that they were a really good Dance/Pop band. After “Violator” that strain in their music evaporated. I don’t know if it’s just Martin Gore aging into a geezer or the departure of Alan Wilder, but since the mid 90s their ‘albums’ have sounded a lot more like Gore playing around with a shit-load of equipment and Dave singing over the end result.

    Where’s this decades “Every Counts” or “Strangelove?” Shit I’d even take “Policy of Truth” at this point….and I didn’t much care for “Song’s of Faith and Devotion.”

    I’ll have to listen to this one again, but at the outset I’m not groovin’ to it. It’s too ambient. I can’t imagine sitting through a live version of this album. Ugh!

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