Album Streams: Peter Doherty, Willie Nelson

MySpace Music is streaming Peter Doherty’s debut solo album Grace/Wastelands through March 24.

AOL/Spinner is streaming the following albums through Sunday, March 22, so listen while you can.

‘Naked Willie’ by Willie Nelson

‘Fantasies’ by Metric

‘Industry Giants’ by Superdrag

’14 Solid Gold Hits’ by Sum 41

More streams after the jump, and as always, let us know if you hear anything good!

‘Fist of God’ by MSTRKRFT

‘Rearrange Beds’ by An Horse (MP3)

‘Seasoned Eyes Were Beaming’ by Sara Lov

‘Not Without a Fight’ by New Found Glory

‘Who Are You Now?’ by This Providence

‘When I Hit the Ground’ by Ace Enders & A Million Different People

And NPR is still streaming Dan Deacon’s Bromst.

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