Amy Winehouse Joins The Specials at V Fest

Still no Jerry Dammers but Amy Winehouse joined the recently reunited ska kings The Specials for a rendition of “You’re Wondering Now” at V Fest. She looks and sounds great and I would absolutely LOVE to see this tour should it hit the USA. What better act for a summer festival?

VIDEO: The Specials & Amy Winehouse at V Fest

VIA Music News Net

Amy Winehouse: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

The Specials: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

4 thoughts on “Amy Winehouse Joins The Specials at V Fest”

  1. Which version of “The Specials” is that?

    I need subtitles at the start where the Winehouse Monster speaks. I can’t understand a word she’s saying.

    Is it some kind of cool thing now for Brits to mimic the speach of people from Jamaica? I hear that on BBCA occasionally too. At least on “Skins” they put English subtitles on the screen.

    I’m convinced the Winehouse Monster keeps her stash in that wig. It’s god damn scary as hell. She can sing, though. And I can skank to that tune, so I give it a “Buy It.”

  2. I don’t think British kids mimicking Jamaican or West Indies accents is anything new. It’s as old as British ska.

    And I believe this is the original members of The Specials minus founder Jerry Dammers. Seems Jerry and Terry Hall can’t get along. Line up for this go around is:

    Terry Hall – vocals

    Lynval Golding – rhythm guitar, vocals

    Neville Staple – toasting, backing vocals, percussion

    Roddy Byers – lead guitar

    Horace Panter bass guitar

    John Bradbury -drums

    Nik Torp – keyboards (in Dammers’ place)

  3. I submit that there was never a really great band that did not have to deal with the clashing egos of at least two of it’s members.

    As evidence, I submit The Overtones into evidence. Those fuckers were crazy!

    Show me a harmonious band of brothers and I’ll show you mediocrity.

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