Another Shitty Reunion: Creed

Even Jesus Hates Creed

Heaven help us. First, it was Limp Bizkit. And now, Creed is reuniting for a tour and a new album. At least you can take a little guilty pleasure in hearing “Nookie” after all these years. Creed is still completely unlistenable.

Who’s next, the fucking Backstreet Boys? Oh wait.

7 thoughts on “Another Shitty Reunion: Creed”

  1. Hey Mr Jake Brown.. so according to your, Creed is a shit band.. really!!!! looks like u r one of those hip hop or Rap shit follower who don’t even know what good music is all about.. time to grow up dude.. Creed is one of the good bands of the 90’s. If you don’t like them, then stop listening to them.. end of the story you jerk….


  2. vickys comment is funnier than creed reuniting…

    btw.. has that actually happened? its been like.. 5 months since this was first posted.

  3. Dear Mr. Jake Brown, Esq.,

    Why do your never talk about us on this site? Never. Ever. Sure, we weren’t as bad as Creed ever got, but we were pretty bad. I mean, is it because we have? Or maybe because your is trying not to like hip hop and Rap shit? I don’t get why you won’t speak bad of us. We were a band too. With bad songs. Soul Coughing. We had songs. You are a jerk. Call us Vicky!

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