Axl Rose Won't Leave His House

Oh, Axl...The NY Daily News is claiming that Axl Rose has been going through a rough patch lately:

The Guns N’ Roses front man, an admitted manic-depressive, has fired and rehired famed manager Irving Azoff at least three times in the last five weeks, according to a source. The reclusive rocker is said to be resisting Azoff’s pleas to try to revive sales of the band’s recent album, “Chinese Democracy.” “Axl doesn’t want anything to do with it,” says the insider. “He won’t come out of his house.”

A source close to Azoff admits, “Axl is Axl. People get hired and fired all the time in this business.”

But Azoff’s rep says that, as of last week, he and Rose are talking again: “We’re in daily contact with Axl, and we look forward to continuing to support him and Guns N’ Roses.”

Sure, and we all look forward to continuing to wait for him and/or Guns N’ Roses doing something that doesn’t suck.

Guns N’ Roses: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

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9 thoughts on “Axl Rose Won't Leave His House”

  1. Honestly I don’t see why more rich musicians don’t just stay in their house. If I could afford a house full of toys I would never leave either. Frankly we’d all be better off if a lot of musicians quit at the peak of their game and just stayed home and minded their own business.

  2. The first 4 albums of Guns n Roses are the “heaven of music” in my opinion. It is not easy to the best and to rule the world of rock and roll.

  3. It’s the fake dreads…those hideous hair extensions that are pulling on his brain. The reality is that many new rockers won’t ever get a chance to even be considered by the industry or the public on a major scale in today’s upside down music industry. Rose should get on his knees and give thanks for the opportunity at even having a career and the opportunity to put out something on a major scale, even if it sucks. Overpaid spoiled rich rockers are not the heart and soul of the people, far from it and the public has moved on.

  4. axl rose has done so much already, that he can surely affod behaving like he does. that’s it, end of story. and he looks gorgeous, even with fake dreadlocks.

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