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The Beatles pose with an American flag in a Paris photo studio prior to their first visit to the United States in January 1964While references to the Zogby Poll are more likely to show up over at POLJUNK, given the recent spate of Beatlemania, it turns out that Zogby International is not invulnerable to the appeal. So it has conducted a survey that, admittedly, sort of puts us in Tiger Beat territory, but so be it.

They conducted an online survey of 4,867 adults, and made weighting adjustments to account for region, party, age, race, religion, gender, and education so as to provide what they’ve calculated to be a more accurate reflection of the overall population. They maintain the margin of error is ±1.4 percentage points.

So, who is America’s favorite Beatle? Drum roll, please (and, not, it isn’t Ringo): Paul. So say 27%. John comes in second, way back at 16%, and George and the aforementioned drummer duke it out for least love, at 10% and 9% respectively.

This is not entirely unexpected, given that Paul is still in the public view, and given the Entertainment Tonight-driven attention spans of most people, the other three don’t cause much in the way of synaptic firing.

And the Battle Hymn of the Republic lines are clearly drawn in the finding that 25% of Born-Again Christians say Paul is their favorite, while a paltry 8% name that heathen Lenin, I mean Lennon.

It should not be surprising that 25% of Democrats name Lenin, I mean Lennon, as their favorite and only 6% of Republicans do (maybe John McCain’s daughter).

Overall, Zogby found that 22% of those polled don’t like the Beatles, and drilling down, they found 30% of conservatives are in that camp, 19% moderates, and 9% liberals.

The most remarkable finding: 3% said they weren’t sufficiently familiar with the band. These are people who are participating in an online survey and they’re not familiar enough to make a decision about the Beatles?

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