The Beatles – Revolver [2009 Stereo Remaster]

The Beatles - Revolver [2009 Stereo Remaster]The BeatlesRevolver [2009 Stereo Remaster] (EMI/Capitol)

The following is a conversation between two guys who’ve been yammering about music together for over 20 years. We no longer live a bike-ride away from each other, but fortunately technology allows us to still have virtual record parties. The second in a series. Previously: Pepper.


[12:24] Phil: one two three four

[12:25] Jake: loving the extra percussion

[12:25] Jake: sounds like change rattling

[12:26] Phil: yeah

[12:26] Jake: like pennies in a jar

[12:26] Phil: digging Ringo’s fills, per usual

Eleanor Rigby

[12:27] Jake: i mean, this just sounds good

[12:27] Phil: that weird pan has always bothered me

[12:27] Jake: yeah

[12:27] Phil: right when Paul’s lead vox starts

[12:27] Jake: the double-tracked vocal coming in and out

[12:27] Phil: it’s center and then quickly jumps to the right

[12:27] Jake: too abrupt

[12:27] Phil: weird

[12:28] Jake: probably sounds better in mono

[12:28] Phil: I’ll be very interested to hear it in mono

[12:28] Phil: maybe it makes sense

[12:28] Phil: not in stereo though

[12:28] Phil: and then the chorus

[12:28] Phil: sounds lovely

[12:28] Jake: are all the bg vocals paul too?

[12:28] Jake: is he the only beatle on this song?

[12:29] Phil: I think John’s in the chorus

[12:29] Phil: maybe not though

I’m Only Sleeping

[12:29] Phil: Acoustic sounds great again

[12:29] Phil: I dig that

[12:29] Jake: oh yeah

[12:29] Phil: awesome backing vox

[12:30] Phil: “going by my window” I love that harmony

Love You To

[12:33] Phil: George…he loves that shit

[12:34] Jake: this is poppier than his other indian stuff

[12:34] Jake: which i appreciate

[12:34] Phil: this probably blew some minds in 1966 though

[12:34] Jake: cool guitar distortion, volume pedal

[12:34] Phil: “WTF is that!?!?!”

[12:34] Phil: know what i mean?

[12:34] Jake: again, just wait until the closer

[12:34] Phil: hey-o!

[12:34] Jake: right?

[12:34] Phil: Oh yeah, John’s a closer

[12:35] Jake: they totally repeated this formula on pepper

[12:35] Phil: yep

[12:35] Phil: this is Pepper 1.0

Here, There and Everywhere

[12:35] Phil: or Pepper is Revolver 2.0

[12:35] Phil: they added a layer of “persona” over Revolver and called it Pepper

[12:36] Jake: while john rested

[12:36] Phil: “Can someone wake John? We’re done.”

[12:36] Jake: crazy we don’t see john until side two

[12:36] Jake: i never realized that

[12:36] Phil: “‘ello boys, here’s your closer”

[12:37] Phil: “where’s my check?”

[12:37] Jake: she said she said (track 7) is the first john song on revolver

[12:37] Phil: Only sleeping

[12:37] Jake: doh

[12:37] Jake: never mind

[12:37] Phil: forgiven

Yellow Submarine

[12:37] Jake: let’s see if i still hate it

[12:37] Jake: i like the acoustic

[12:37] Phil: poor dopey Ringo. Why did they do this to him over and over again?

[12:38] Phil: Paul and John are mean

[12:38] Phil: “Here’s your song, Ringo” giggle giggle

[12:38] Jake: “come on, fellas. again?”

[12:38] Phil: George: “Better than Act Naturally”

[12:39] Jake: gotta admit i’m liking this more than i have since puberty

[12:39] Phil: because we have kids

[12:39] Phil: I like Ringo’s voice crack

[12:40] Phil: and the big marching band bass drum

[12:40] Phil: I like that

[12:40] Jake: yes

She Said She Said

[12:40] Phil: John finds out drugs are fun

[12:40] Jake: perfect song

[12:41] Jake: the drums are amazing

[12:41] Jake: and sound so clear

[12:41] Phil: I think this might be better mono too though

[12:41] Jake: i like it

[12:41] Jake: all separated

[12:41] Phil: pretty straight mix

[12:41] Jake: i like having ringo in my left ear

[12:41] Jake: bashing away

[12:42] Phil: can focus on it when you like

[12:42] Phil: “oh , what’s going on over there?”

[12:42] Jake: oh that’s just ringo, bashing away

Good Day Sunshine

[12:43] Phil: your big test: Good Day Sunshine

[12:43] Jake: so broadway.

[12:43] Phil: Imagine being 16 and walking to the Rock and Roll McDonalds

[12:43] Jake: ha. yes.

[12:43] Phil: that’s what this song is to me

[12:43] Jake: totally

[12:43] Jake: can’t separate from being 16. that’s why i hate it

[12:44] Phil: being in love with high school girls who you can barely be away from for two days

[12:44] Jake: it still too dopey for me

[12:44] Phil: it’s cute, like paul

[12:44] Jake: it’s dorky, like me in high school

[12:44] Phil: which is perfect when you’re a good kid growing up in the midwest

[12:45] Phil: again, this one’s for Macca’s dad

[12:45] Jake: i guess. it’s a trifle.

[12:45] Phil: he had a daddy complex I am only just now realizing

And Your Bird Can Sing

[12:45] Jake: i love that guitar line

[12:45] Jake: people say this is filler, but that’s baloney

[12:45] Jake: this is great

[12:45] Phil: now this reminds me of seeing 1964 as The Beatles with Bill at Calvin College

[12:45] Jake: i wish the bass was louder like on the white album remaster

[12:46] Phil: watching “George” play made it clear to me that The Beatles were MUSICIANS

[12:46] Phil: I was not George

[12:46] Jake: ha ha

[12:46] Phil: a light went off

[12:46] Jake: “george”

[12:46] Phil: yes

[12:46] Phil: even fake George was a musician whereas I was a dope who knew 5 chords Bill taught me

[12:46] Phil: it wasn’t so easy after all

For No One

[12:47] Jake: my all time favorite paul ballad

[12:47] Phil: Sure, so sad, so perfectly crafted

[12:47] Phil: Paul as a great songwriter

[12:47] Phil: it’s a story, it’s melodic

[12:47] Jake: god that horn sounds awesome

[12:48] Phil: indeed

[12:48] Jake: and it’s SO fucking sad

[12:48] Phil: “dude, it’s over”

[12:48] Jake: i love this part, where the horn plays over paul’s vocals

[12:48] Phil: yes

[12:48] Phil: I was just thinking that

[12:48] Phil: goose bumpy

[12:48] Jake: 1:59

[12:49] Jake: over in less than 2 minutes

[12:49] Phil: it’s a novella

[12:49] Jake: a songella

Doctor Robert

[12:49] Phil: Oh John and his drug music

[12:49] Jake: so great

[12:49] Phil: he was a bad influence!

[12:49] Jake: 1966: best year ever

[12:49] Phil: abso

[12:49] Jake: lsd was legal

[12:49] Jake: can you imagine?

[12:49] Phil: good heavens

[12:49] Phil: no thank you

[12:49] Jake: ha

[12:51] Jake: love how all these songs are ~2 minutes long

[12:51] Phil: yes, craftsmen

I Want to Tell You

[12:52] Jake: george plays with dissonance.

[12:52] Jake: that piano part has always bugged me

[12:52] Phil: arty fucks

[12:52] Jake: funny: remastered revolver isn’t quite as “revealing” for me

[12:53] Jake: not too many “wow, i never heard that before” moments

[12:53] Phil: no

[12:53] Phil: also not as “deep”

[12:53] Jake: drums sound better though

[12:53] Phil: bass on this song sounds great

[12:53] Jake: i don’t feel like i’m hearing their hands on their instruments

[12:53] Phil: no

[12:54] Phil: I have a feeling that’s because they miced, mixed, and mastered thinking mono

Got to Get You Into My Life

[12:54] Jake: another one of my least fave paul songs

[12:54] Phil: I know you blame this song for Chicago or something

[12:54] Phil: Blood Sweat and Tears?

[12:54] Phil: one of them

[12:54] Jake: totally. that whole scene

[12:54] Jake: blue eyed crap.

[12:54] Phil: it’s the Smells Like Teen Spirit of that genre

[12:55] Jake: i like southern soul as much as anybody, but come on.

[12:55] Jake: this does not have soul

[12:55] Phil: But c’mon, listen to paul’s voice on the chorus

[12:55] Jake: “ooh”

[12:55] Jake: come on

[12:55] Phil: spoil sport

[12:55] Jake: sounds good in the chrous

[12:55] Jake: little richard

[12:55] Jake: and the lead guitar is badass at the end

[12:55] Jake: that should be going on through the whole song

[12:55] Phil: this is one that suffers from the absolute panning

[12:55] Phil: I am sure this sounds better mono

[12:56] Phil: more powerful

Tomorrow Never Knows

\[12:56] Phil: oh shit, here we go

[12:57] Phil: associated memory: Scott Stevens in Club K in 1991

[12:57] Jake: ha. the sinatras!

[12:57] Phil: seriously, I think of it every time

[12:57] Phil: that mop of hair as he’s bashing away

[12:58] Jake: oh yeah

[12:58] Phil: karl leaning into that mic to distort his vocals

[12:58] Phil: such an awesome band

[12:58] Jake: they should play a show where they cover this whole album

[12:58] Phil: you’d have to endure the Macca songs

[12:59] Phil: get the leppotone family horn section out

[12:59] Jake: i could endure karl singing them

[12:59] Phil: <end>

[12:59] Jake: well that is a great album

[12:59] Jake: even if there are two songs i do not like

[12:59] Phil: two is a good record

[12:59] Jake: and it sounds amazing

Video: The Beatles – Making of “Revolver”


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8 thoughts on “The Beatles – Revolver [2009 Stereo Remaster]”

  1. This is awesome – 2 Beatle geeks spazzing out over the remasters.

    You guys know have to do this for *every one* of the albums, right? Anything less would be a crime.

  2. Feel like John’s getting most of the love. :) I was blown away by “Here, There and Everywhere” on the stereo remaster. “Good Day Sunshine” was written with the Lovin’ Spoonful in mind per Paul. I think it’s a great follow up after “She Said”. That is dark and then the sun shines again. I love Paul’s poppy leaning ways. He’s a great enough musician and singer to carry it off. He’s brave enough to be “uncool”. Do agree “Got to” would be better w/guitars all the way through, but I think it transcends the “blue eyed soul” thing. Love the song and one of the highlights of his concert at CitiField. Thought Revolver on the whole sounded fuller, though wasn’t as startled as I was by Pepper. Really enjoying your reviews!

  3. “Got to get you into my life” is the Smells Like teen Spirit to “horn rock’s” grunge! Ah hah hahahahha!

    Hey, I always liked GTGYIML–and I hated “horn rock” (“brass rock?”) for a long time. Doesn’t the fact that it’s about weed make it any cooler?

  4. Just curious, what are you guys listening on? Seems that even the best computer speakers are going to fail to do justice to these remasters.

  5. Definitely not listening in optimal situations, which says a LOT about how deep these remasters are.

    For these discussions I am listening to 360kbps MP3s on my iPhone through Bose over-the-ear headphones. On my home system it gets even deeper and crazier.

  6. Similar set up here, R. Not hi-fi by any means. And they still sound awesome.

    I’d love to hear these things over genuinely hi-fi studio monitors.

  7. Huh, that’s weird. Jake HAS been listening to them over at Coupon. We’ve been having giant parties and staying up all night have some of the best times ever. He said you “wouldn’t like that sort of thing” and suggested we probably shouldn’t invite you. I would have called, but… well, Jake has that gun. You know how he gets.

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