Beatles Stereo Box in Limited Ed. USB Drives


For anyone frustrated with the fact that The Beatles box set isn’t available via digital download, maybe this will help. Apple and EMI have announced that the stereo box set will be released in a limited run of custom designed USB drives. The 16GB apple-shaped USB drive is loaded with the re-mastered audio for The Beatles’ 14 stereo titles (provided in FLAC 44.1 Khz 24 bit and MP3 320 Kbps formats). Also included are all of the re-mastered CDs’ visual elements, including 13 mini-documentary films about the studio albums, replicated original UK album art, rare photos and expanded liner notes.

All for £200.00. Update: Amazon has it for $238.99.

The Beatles: Amazon, Insound, wiki

2 thoughts on “Beatles Stereo Box in Limited Ed. USB Drives”

  1. This would be a cool collectible but I’ve already paid for the Beatles catalog three times now. I think I’m done.

  2. Interesting that FLAC 44.1 Khz 24 bit is superior to CD quality (CDs are 16 bit). I wonder how many audiophiles would’ve held off on buying the CDs had they known that 24bit files were going to be sold…

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