Black Francis – All in My Mind

MP3: Black Francis – “All in My Mind” (Love and Rockets cover from New Tales To Tell – A Tribute To Love And Rockets, out now.

Bauhaus never did it for me, but I liked Love and Rockets from the first time I heard “Lazy” on a mixtape. Earth * Sun * Moon was stuck in my Cutlass Supreme’s tape deck for an entire summer. Tribute albums are notoriously dodgy affairs, but on this one the Dandy Warhols and Flaming Lips pay homage to the dark and scary popsters. This Black Francis cover isn’t as good as the original, but how could it be?

Check out the original after the jump…

Video: Love and Rockets – “All in My Mind”

New Tales To Tell Track List

All In My Mind – Black Francis

Holiday On The Moon – Puscifer (MJ Keenan) (Tool & A Perfect Circle)

Love Me – War Tapes

No New Tale To Tell – Blaqk Audio (Davey & Jade of AFI)

I Feel Speed – Dubfire

Inside The Outside – The Dandy Warhols

Life In Laralay – Sweethead

An American Dream – Film School

The Light – A Place To Bury Strangers

Mirror People – Monster Magnet vs Adrian Young (No Doubt)

Fever – The Stone Foxes

No Big Deal – Frankenstein 3000

It Could Be Sunshine – VEX

So Alive – Better Than Ezra

Haunted When The Minutes Drag – James Hall

Lazy – Chantal Claret (Morningwood) vs Adrian Young-(No Doubt)

Sweet F.A. – Lossy Coils with Ian Moore

No Words No More – Snowden

Sweet Lover Hangover – Charlie & The Valentine Killers

Yin And Yang & The Flowerpot Man – Halloween Jack (Stephen Perkins & Gilby Clarke)

Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven – The Manichean

Bound For Hell – Johnny Dowd & Billy Cote

Saudade – Halls Of The Machine


Kundalini Express – The Flaming Lips

Mirror People – The Invisible Humans

No New Tale To Tell – Astra Heights

New Tales To Tell: MySpace, web.

Love and Rockets: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

4 thoughts on “Black Francis – All in My Mind”

  1. I heard the cover of ‘No New Tale to Tell’ the other day and I really really hated it (the one by Blaqk Audio).

    That is one of those perfect songs that should not be touched.

  2. I admit I was drawn in by the mention of the car. I also had a Cutlass Supreme (’74) but mine had an 8-track player…and no Love and Rockets.

  3. Yeah, I too was way more partial to L&R than Bauhaus: “I Feel Speed”, and “No Words No More”, were big faves…and also 20 years old now. Damn it!

    What are those guys up to these days? DJing? (And if so, will I bump into them in Brooklyn, where The Smiths’ Andy Rourke now resides and spins?)

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