Classic Hip Hop: Black Sheep, Souls of Mischief

A couple of cool new hip hop mp3s ended up in the inbox this morning. Wasn’t really expecting that, but they sound good, so we thought we’d pass them along.

MP3: Black Sheep – “Forever Luvlee” from the From The Black Pool Of Genius: The Prelude EP, due December 1.

Black Sheep was the duo that rode “The Choice is Yours” to fame in 1991. Now it looks like they’re down to half of the original lineup. Whatever. It’s a smooth beat, tasty samples, and clever rhymes.

Black Sheep: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

MP3: Souls of Mischief – “Proper Aim” from Montezuma’s Revenge, due December 1 on Hiero Imperium.

It’s annoying to have watermarks in the middle of this track: “This is A-Plus. You are listening to Montezuma’s Revenge,” and we normally wouldn’t bother posting songs mucked up with that kind of shit, but the song is cool. So hey. Grain of salt. They’ve released a couple of other promos from the album, all including equally disruptive watermarks, so check them out if you don’t mind. This is Del‘s crew from way back, and any friend of Del’s is a friend of ours.

Souls of Mischief – “LaLaLa”

Souls of Mischief – “Tour Stories”

Souls of Mischief: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki

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