Blender: R.I.P.

Print Version of Blender to Cease Publication. It will still exist online.

A few months after we launched GLONO, we covered the launch of a new music mag from the publisher of Maxim: Rock and Roll and Boobies Too. I picked up that first issue, and wasn’t as horrified as I’d been led to believe I would be. Over the next eight years (almost), I’ve purchased less than a handful of other issues. Sorry.

One issue I did pick up was back in June 2004 when they covered our silly “I Beat Up Jason Von Bondie” t-shirts…without mentioning either Glorious Noise or the designer, Matt Ardinger, unfortunately. So I can’t say I’ll actually miss Blender, but I already miss the idea that readers are able to support more than a couple music magazines. Personally, though, as long as I’ve got TapeOp and MOJO, I’m covered.

Extra: Dean of American Rock Critics Robert Christgau eulogizes Blender, where he had worked since 2007. And compares it to Creem!

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