Bon Jovi Fails to Sell Out

No, not that kind of selling out.

Looks like the Jovi was the first band at the new 4,000-capacity Hard Rock “Joint” in Las Vegas to not sell the place out.

While many thought last night’s session of classic rock revival would be an easy draw, the increasingly cash-conscious public didn’t truly bite.

And the show wasn’t cheap: Tickets ranged in price from $191 to $746, before taxes and fees.

When Bon Jovi played the MGM Grand last April, ticket prices ranged from $68.25 to $210. […]The Hard Rock’s vice president of entertainment, Paul Davis, previously said the resort is “doing everything (it) can” to keep ticket prices low.

So…$191 to $746, before taxes and fees, is keeping ticket prices low? Wow.

Via @Lefsetz.

2 thoughts on “Bon Jovi Fails to Sell Out”

  1. bon jovi got me into punk.

    i think wanted dead or alive was the first song i remember hearing that made me sick with how horribly cheesy it was and confused me as to how someone could like it…

  2. In his defence, for $746 you get to sit on Tico Torres’ lap. And he’ll give you a ride home afterward in his panel van.

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