Breeders – Fade to Fatal

Video: The Breeders – “Fate to Fatal”

The title track off the Fate to Fatal EP, directed by Mando and James Ford, starring the fine ladies of the St. Louis Arch Rivals Rollergirl team.

If you thought Mountain Battles (review) sounded tossed off and underproduced, you’ll probably feel the same way about this. But if that’s what you’re into, you’ll want to check this out, too.

There’s also a great interview with the Deal sisters on Magnet:

Right now Kim is living with my mom and dad, and my mom—she has Alzheimer’s, you know. It’s getting worse, and there’s this new hump she’s over. She pointed at me and said to my dad, “Did you know that she’s mine?” She’s asking my dad if he knows this, and he nods. She needs more care, and I find that when your personal life like that gets more busy, that’s when writing is hard.

MP3: The Breeders – “Fate to Fatal” (courtesy of Breeder’s Digest)

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  1. I love the sometimes wandering, sometimes shambling sound of this song. It does remind me of mountain battles, but it also reminds me of some of the songs on the amps’ pacer.

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