Chris Cornell – Scream (Friday Facial)

Chris Cornell - Scream Chris CornellScream (Interscope)

Get your Friday Facial from Glorious Noise in the latest installment of our ongoing series, Faces Don’t Lie: Expressive Record Reviews with Dylan Burr.

See Dylan’s reaction to this album after the jump…

Dylan’s reaction:

Chris Cornell - Scream

Dylan Burr is frontman and chief songwriter for the avant metal band, Lorus. Buy their album.

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4 thoughts on “Chris Cornell – Scream (Friday Facial)”

  1. Chris definitely didn’t sell out! I respect an artist’s courage to step outside his boundaries. It is what art is all about! Being fearless regardless of ridicule!

    Do I like the record? No. But he is definitely not a sellout for trying something new.

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