Cool Band: The Jaguar Club

The Jaguar ClubFor a while now, Brooklyn has been a hotbed of cooler than thou indie bands and freaky neo-hippies; I don’t know what is going on over there. Maybe that little borough has an unusually high unemployment rate that allows these kids to lounge about making records and scouring vintage shops. Whatever…keep the good jams coming.

The Jaguar Club is our latest find and they indeed hail from Brooklyn but exhibit more of an association with mid-80s Manchester than the neo-funk or synth driven palette of their neighbors. There’s more than a bit of the Smiths lurking in the corners of their basement and the minimalist approach to recording would make our friends in MGMT quiver at the thought of being so exposed. Singer/guitarist Will Popadic’s vocal styling won’t be for everyone. The band’s one-sheet cites Morrissey and Interpol‘s Paul Banks as inspirations and neither exhibit a dynamic range but each (especially our beloved Moz) offer a distinct personality that our newbie is still trying to find. But check them out and let’s see how they develop on their debut self-released LP And We Wake Up Slowly, out on September 1.

MP3: The Jaguar Club – “Sleepwalking”

Tour dates after the jump…

Video: The Jaguar Club – “The Sirens”

The Jaguar Club Us Tour Dates

07/30 – NYC, NY @ Mercury Lounge w/ Foreign Born

08/29 – Brooklyn, NY @ Union Hall (CD Release Party)

08/30 – New Paltz, NY @ Rhino Records

09/05 – Boston, MA @ Great Scott

09/18 – Washington DC @ Mirrors

09/19 – Durham, NC @ The Pinhook

09/21 – Atlanta, GA @ 529

09/24 – St. Louis, MO – Cicero’s

09/30 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place

10/01 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Lava Lounge

10/03 – NYC, NY @ Cake Shop

Jaguar Club: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki, MySpace, web.

4 thoughts on “Cool Band: The Jaguar Club”

  1. a little too moderne for me (but then what isn’t these days)…of course, having just walked out of the Yeah yeah yeahs’ show in sunny cleveland, my shoes are still sticking to the floor. I have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve seen someone swallow a mic like karen o-I’d scream too, if I had that halfway down. Where’s Iggy, when you need him.

  2. Had not heard of these guys, but out here in the BKNY we’ve got such a glut of bands–many of whom blow up before figuring out a set list–it’s a bit much to keep up with ’em. More importantly, for every TV on the Radio that pops up in the borough of Kings, there are a hundred Crap Your Pants, um, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. So…

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