Cool Band: Eagle Winged Palace

Eagle Winged PalaceThere may be no other musical sub genre I love more than the neo-psyche folk rock inspired by the ocean waves and grainy film of David Crosby macking chicks in a Big Sur hot tub. Maybe it’s my combined fascination with 12-string guitars and Charlie Manson (who is getting old, dig his recent mug shot-ed.) but there’s something about that wigged out feeling you get from the sound of blissed out chicks in miniskirts and Squaw fringe chanting and singing behind some freaky dude in a jean jacket. It’s my bag, man.

Enter Eagle Winged Palace, the latest in a line of those following in Brian Jonestown Massacre frontman Anton Newcombe‘s wandering footsteps. Leaning more on the harvest golden tint of things than Anton’s penchant for violence, Eagle Winged Palace is no less spooky. Just because Squeaky Fromme is smiling doesn’t mean she won’t twist the knife in your belly.

Hand of Doom, the debut EP from Los Angeles’ Eagle Winged Palace is available today from Park the Van Records.

MP3: Eagle Winged Palace – “Hand of Doom”

Video: Eagle Winged Palace – “Spiral (Out of Control)”

Eagle Winged Palace: MySpace.

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  1. Dear ed-thanks for the picture of uncle charlie.I see the family resemblence. Seriously, I was 14 or 15 when things like this happened on what seemed like a weekly basis. Kind of like it is now.

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