Cool Band: Electric Black

Black ElectricI have a thing for buzzy, reverb drenched guitar tones. It creeps me out in a good way. Electric Black also creeps me out in a good way. Lead singer Johnny B. sometimes plays a little too close to Tom Waits, but is that such a terrible thing? I mean, we all have our influences and if you’re going to wear them on your sleeve then Waits looks good with anything. Electric Black isn’t just another knock-off though and their sonic palette seems to pull as much from early 60s electric blues and psycho-garage as Frank’s Wild Years.

From the band’s EPK: “Out of the sentiments of Howlin’ Wolf, Jimmie Rodgers, and Woody Guthrie, in conjunction with the poetic license of Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Charles Bukowski, and Pablo Neruda comes a new Experimental Blues Sound, self-proclaimed ‘American Gypsy Music.'”

I can dig that.

Electric Black (website, MySpace)

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