Cool Band: Elephant Micah

Elephant MicahMuch of the press around Elephant Micah seems to be about how there is so little press around Elephant Micah. I can tell you from being in bands around which there was little press that it is nothing to brag about.

What Joe O’Connell, under the name Elephant Micah, has in spade that other no-namers don’t is truly heartbreaking songs. It’s slow, it’s mournful, it’s deep and brooding and it’s pretty as all get out. If it were a character in an indie film (which is the only film Elephant Micah would be in because…you know…nobody knows about him), he would most likely look like Emile Hirsch and want to talk to you all night about how great your mom is.

Elephant Micah’s Exiled Magicians will be available April 7 from Carrot Top and directly from Third Uncle Records.

Elephant Micah: website.

MP3: Elephant Micah – “New Nature”

Video: Elephant Micah – “Detailed Cathedral”

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