Cool Band: Lightning Love

Lightning Love

College bands are the best. Some of my all-time favorite groups were formed in the basements and public areas of dorms. That their reach rarely extends beyond campus is irrelevant to those who partake in the excitement of watching your friends create music and magic amid the sweat and alcohol and sexual possibilities of youth. College bands are the best.

Lightning Love hails from Ypsilanti, which Michigan natives will tell you means they are either your average students from Eastern Michigan University or broke students from neighboring University of Michigan. Their quirky—sometimes self consciously so—approach to indie rock captures all the great qualities of a great college band with self-referential lyrics, ironic stylings, and DIY promotion. The difference being that their songs are at least as catchy as any current indie darlings (I’m looking at you, Ting Tings).

The question is will they stay together post-graduation and will they move to a city that embraces their brand of cuteness rather than crush it into industrial dust and dismiss it as youthful distraction? In other words…will they take junior management jobs in Dearborn or open for Where’s Fluffy in New York?

MP3: Lightning Love – “Everyone I Know” from November Birthday

Lightning Love (MySpace)

5 thoughts on “Cool Band: Lightning Love”

  1. Like the track linked above. Very catchy.

    All I found for the band was their Myspace page, which induces eye strain. What happened to web sites? Does nobody build web sites anymore?

    Looks like they’re playing Monday with the Von Bondies at Shuba’s.

  2. Awesome review Derek! I know these kids well, they fucking rock live. Ben & Leah are both U of M grads. Leah’s little brother, Aaron the drummer, goes to Eastern Michigan — so you were right with both guesses!!

  3. Great, smart stuff from some Michigan homefries! Thanks for letting me know about these guys .

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