Cool Band: The Most Beautiful Losers

The Most beautiful LosersI grew up in the Midwest. I know how boring and awful winter can be. I know what it means to hole up in your basement for months on end, drink, and bang away on a guitar until your fingers are calloused and numb. There’s a reason the Replacements are a product of Minneapolis.

The Most Beautiful Losers hail from Canton, Ohio and have clearly spent some time chugging whiskey, banging on guitars, and listening to the Mats. If they tour with GLONO faves Two Cow Garage then you might as well lock your liquor cabinets now.

MP3: The Most Beautiful Losers – “Bob Stinson”

The Most Beautiful Losers: web, MySpace.

10 thoughts on “Cool Band: The Most Beautiful Losers”

  1. I just seen these guys play and let me tell yeah! If you want a night of “Rocking” out with Whiskey and Beer! These guys are your calling card! Great Lyrics with a Rock’n sound like no other! If they come to your town don’t miss this one!

    PBR Pete

  2. Ummmm…nice guys. Good band. But they never toured with Two Cow. I think they opened for them once in Canton, Ohio. I saw on a website some time ago that someone in the band said they toured with Two Cow, but they didn’t. Wonder why they claim they did? Odd. Especially, since I don’t think they tour at all, other than Northeast Ohio. But like I said, I’ve seen’em a few times and they’re pretty good and nice guys. Good to see them getting some attention.

  3. Carl, it says, “If they tour with GLONO faves Two Cow Garage then you might as well lock your liquor cabinets now.” Until then, you do not need to lock your liquor cabinet.

  4. Actually they are touring out west starting next week… There are a bunch of dates like Seattle, Colorado, Las Vegas etc… check their Myspace page! Oh and I saw them play with Two Cow before… it was an awesome show!! Wish they would play together more often!

  5. Hi guys! Chris from The Losers here!! Thanks for the cool feature on our band! Just to clear things up…we have never toured with Two Cow Garage. We have played a show with them one time. We are big fans and really love those guys though! As far as the comment about us saying we toured with them… I’m pretty sure we never said that. I do know that one of our former members posted something about playing with them… but had actually meant LUCERO. Oh well… anyhow thanks again and come see us on tour!!! We do leave Northeast Ohio ocasionally! LOL

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