Courtney Love Attacked in New York

Courtney Love at Narciso Rodriguez, September 14, 2009In a series of posts to Twitter, Courtney Love claims she was attacked on the street in New York Wednesday night. We’ve only corrected punctuation and obvious spelling mistakes and typos:

tonight after Proenza and the party at the boom boom room i left Jefferson (rather handsome) and was attacked by a very scary man 1. he threw me against the wall of a building on greene street, grabbed my ([Vera] wang) purse, dumped its contents in street, held me by my neck, crushed 2 the stuff in my purse with his heel. he wore good shoes sorta prada, was a little guidoish but white collar, assassin more, i was shit scared 3. he rubbed up against me while he had me by the neck and he actually was so strong he LIFTED me off the street. he then said, 4 “Courtney” — called me by name — “You’d better fucking keep your fucking mouth shut. no one’s ever going to believe your cunt ass, you have 48 hrs” 5. he then kicked me in my stomach (he was in amazing shape, didn’t look big, was insanely strong, and his eyes were dead dead) and i doubled over 6. he kicked me in my head and said, “48 fucking hours you fucking whore, no more from you shut your fucking face from now on” 7. well so i clutched my stomach lying on greene street half in the gutter and half out, obviously he was there due to my twats [Twitter posts] and texts 8. i just crawled and ran home to the Mercer losing my laboutins on the way, i forgot we were in NYC where Weitzman doesn’t own the cops 9.

We’ve given Courtney plenty of shit over the years, but if that’s even remotely true, that’s seriously fucked up.

It’s easy to dismiss Courtney because of her typos and ranting tone, but the conspiracy theorist in me really wants to believe that she’s uncovered a huge case of identity theft and multi-billion dollar mortgage fraud. I can’t quite follow everything she’s talking about, but the gist seems to be that a group of powerful people have been using Kurt Cobain‘s social security number to finance and re-finance lots of non-existent property all over the country. And she names names of the conspirators: her former boyfriend and producer Jim Barber, accountant Lisa Ferguson, and attorney Howard Weitzman.

After we requested information for a follow-up, Courtney blocked us from her Twitter feed. Which is a bummer. If she gives any updates, please let us know.

Courtney Love: iTunes, Amazon, Insound, wiki.

MP3: Courtney Love – “Penny Royal Tea”

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4 thoughts on “Courtney Love Attacked in New York”

  1. There are conspiracy theories, and then there is paranoid schizophrenia. I do dig the film noir-ish narrative, though.

  2. This woman is fucking CRAZZZY!!! Everything that comes out of her mouth is bullshit. So for all you “conspiracy theorists” out there, find something worthwhile to focus on instead of upstanding professionals in their field. I feel sorry for Frances Bean…

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