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A couple of great old interviews were recently added to The Dead Milkmen Archives. In a Philadelphia Magazine interview from February 1988, they discuss the use of power saws in their recordings:

Dean: Actually that was our manager—he was playing the power saw, but that was me doing the screaming when you heard the saw going through the chunk of wood.
Rodney: I recommend the Craftsman circular saw. Bob Dylan goes for that traditional folk saw, and a lot of people, say, use the jigsaw, but that’s more of a funk instrument.

In a 1989 interview with the Courier-Post, Rodney Anonymous discusses life after “Punk Rock Girl” made it into rotation on MTV:

“We haven’t trashed any hotel rooms yet. I wish we had that kind of money. But we’ve always been into subtle trashing… For instance, in a lot of hotel rooms you can unscrew those abstract paintings from the wall and hang them upside down; nobody knows the difference.”

Crazy to think that was 20 years ago. Time flies…when you’re OLD!

MP3: Dead Milkmen – “I’m A Junkie (So What)?” from A Date With the Dead Milkmen, 1983 (courtesy of Joe Jack Talcum)

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