Donovan: "Internet is the new '60s"

Underrated psych-pop-folkie Donovan has received the medal of Officier dans L’Ordre des Arts et des Letttres from the French government and loves the internet:

“The dream of the ’60s, of me and John Lennon and the others, was: How do we speak to everybody on the planet at the same time?” said Donovan, whose career has been revived in TV commercials using his hits. “The first answer was via satellite, but that didn’t connect to everyone. Then John would say, ‘How about telepathy?’

“Then we forgot about it until now we realize that the Internet fulfills that dream of communicating with everyone. I’m not afraid of the Internet because it’s that the dream we had. The Internet is the new ’60s as far as I’m concerned.”

Donovan: web, myspace, wiki.

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