Download Eight Live Tom Waits Songs

Tom Waits is offering a free, eight-song preview of his upcoming live album, Glitter and Doom Live.

The way it works is the standard Topspin deal: you submit your email address, and then they email you a link to a 78 MB zip file. You download it, unzip the 320kbps MP3s, listen to them, and enjoy. If you are so inclined, you pre-order the album and everybody’s happy.

Glitter and Doom Live is a two-disc collection of recordings from his 2008 tour of the US and Europe. Disc one contains 17 songs. Disc two is “a bonus compendium called TOM TALES, which is a selection of the comic bromides, strange musings, and unusual facts that Tom traditionally shares with his audience during the piano set.” It’ll be fun to have that stuff whether or not you ever go back and listen to it more than once.

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Trailer: Tom Waits – Glitter and Doom Live

Glitter and Doom Live tracklist

01. Lucinda / Ain’t Goin Down

02. Singapore

03. Get Behind The Mule

04. Fannin Street

05. Dirt In The Ground

06. Such A Scream

07. Live Circus

08. Goin’ Out West

09. Falling Down

10. The Part You Throw Away

11. Trampled Rose

12. Metropolitan Glide

13. I’ll Shoot The Moon

14. Green Grass

15. Make It Rain

16. Story

17. Lucky Day

Tracks 1-8 are available for free.

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